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Jindal Bars has always been a front-runner in the construction segment as far as technological advancements are concerned. With many firsts under its umbrella, Jindal appetite for innovation has given construction industry numerous path reaking inventions.

  • Its latest innovation 500HD is a technological advancement that re-writes the standards of construction.

    Developed keeping in mind the essentials of earthquake resistant construction Jindal TMT Bars 500HD is the answer to all vour needs. Jindal TMT Bars 500HD is totally Sulphur and Phosphorus controlled and purified to the latest quality standards to give your construction the extra strength to withhold under extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Sulphur and Phosphorus are the harmful impurities that make a rebar vulnerable to cracking.

    Jindal TMT Bars 500HD reduces the combined level of these impurities up to 0.075% as per the latest BIS specifications. Therefore, Jindal TMT Bars 500HD is many times better and absolutely reliable than other rebars available in the market. With Jindal TMT Bars 500HD comes a promise of strength. stability and standard for every company or individual involved in the process of construction.

    JINDAL TMT 500HD is specially designed for Earthquake Prone Zone in India. The Indian subcontinent has a history of devastating earthquakes. The major reason for the high frequency and intensity of the earthquake is that the Indian plate is driving into Asia at a rate of approximately 47mm/year.

    JINDAL TMT 500HD, HD means HIGH DUCTILITY which gives you High Ductility in TMT which having observes efficiency of earthquake shock and ensuring best resistance against seismic waves. This feature provides the Fe500D TMT bars with the capacity to absorb sudden loads, which make them ideal for various natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones. The high safety features offered by 500 HD TMT bars make them well suited for zones having high seismic activity.

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Our Cusomer are a Heart of Our Organisation

Jindal TMT 500 HD

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