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Features & Advantage

Higher Strength:
Only pure steel billets are used in Jindal TMT. The raw material is chosen specifically for its high Manganese content, as well as lower Sulphur and Phosphorus content.

More Ductility:
Jindal TMT bars offer excellent ductility due to strict control over aspects like chemical composition and temperature of online production processes.

Better Bending :
Superior bendability and easier work ability are made possible with the unique combination of a tough outer core and softer inner core.

Increased Weldability:
Jindal TMT bars are ideal for both lap and butt welding. Their low carbon content ensures optimal strength of the welded joints, without requiring any additional pre- and post-welding treatment.

Corrosion Resistant:
Thanks to their Pine and uniform micro structure, Jindal TMT bars do not corrode even when embedded in concrete. This is also because flawless manufacturing ensures that there are no residual torsion stresses in the bars.

Fire Resistant:
Even at temperatures touching 600 degrees Celsius, Jindal TMT bars display excellentstrength and resilience.These qualities actasasafety shield againstfire hazards.

Fatigue Resistant:
Fatigue in TMT bars begins with acumulation of stress at the root of its ribs, which leads to ‘weakness'. Since Jindal TMT bars are made with accurate uniformed ribs for inherent strength of surface layer that makes Jindal TMT high fatigue resistant bars.