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Quality Implementation

We are dedicated to deliver the best Quality products and lay strong emphasis on our Quality Policy & Quality Management. We have several levels of checks and the following help us meetour consumers satisfaction: -

• Strict adherence to sampling 8: testing of steel chemistry
• Detailed sampling offinished products
• Rolling in negative tolerance
• Ensuring timely dispatches tothe customer
• Advanced products through technological upgrades
• Strict cost cutting in processes to deliver valueto the customer
• High team motivation to meet the company's vision
• Strict adherence to ISI standards at procedures

In our Organization quality and excellence are not corporate slogans to increase business and profits, but an essential part of our very being.

To ensure originality, we stamp our logo “Jindal TMT 500 HD" on every meter of saria, and a Blue ”Jindal TMT 500 HD" strip on every bundle proves the genuineness ofJINDAL Saria. So watch out for these two things while purchasing.