Dehydration Machines


Thickener is widely used in mineral processing projects for dehydration purpose on both concentrate and tailings. There are mainly three types of thickeners now for mineral processing, NZ type, NG type and deep cone high efficient thickener. NZ(S)(also named TNZ)thickener is a center-drive thickener, which is a traditional thickening equipment with earlier application. The thickeners with a diameter less than 12m is of manual handle type, and thickeners with a diameter over 12m adopt electric handle devices. Large-scale thickener is usually arranged with a concrete tank, with overload indicating or alarming devices. This machine has the features like simple structure, lower wearing and convenient maintenance.

Belt Vacuum Filter

Belt vacuum filtering machine with setting chamber, also called rubber belt vacuum filtering machine, is a kind of new, highly efficient and continuously operational solid-liquid separating equipment, It has been widely used in sectors such as metallurgy, mining, chemical engineering, paper making, food, pharmacy and environment protection. The fact proves that Rubber Belt vacume Filtering Machine has advantages such as high filtering efficiency, large production capacity, good cleaning results, broad application scope, simple operation, stable running and convenient maintenance.

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For mineral processing project, processing technology is always the key to the project successfulness. Thus, preliminary lab test and pilot test is necessary. By working together with the famous laboratory and research company in China.


Prominer has established strategic relationships with equipment suppliers and commercial laboratories, so that together with advanced technology we deliver the best in gold processing plants.


This jaw crusher is a perfect combination of modern science technology and the production practice, which can better satisfy the automatic production demands of vast customers.